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Do you prefer to spend your time with administration, accountancy, personnel, or legal matters? Probably not.

We like to do the things that give us energy and we want you to be able to organise your time with the things that you find important and fun. We use our time, expertise, attention, and creativity so that you can excel within your industry and do what you are good at: doing business!

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Peter Lenssen - Lenssen Advies
Peter Lenssen
Managing board, Strategic Adviser
Marc Lenssen - Lenssen Advies
Marc Lenssen
Managing board, Adviser
Mr. Tristan Smits RB - Lenssen Advies
Mr. Tristan Smits RB
Managing board, Tax-Legal Advisor
Joris Wijnen AA BBA BEc - Lenssen Advies
Joris Wijnen AA BBA BEc
Managing board, Accountant
Mark van der Linden RV - Lenssen Advies
Mark van der Linden RV
Associate, Specialist Financing
Peter Renders - Lenssen Advies
Peter Renders
Associate, Fintech Consultant
Johan Arts - Lenssen Advies
Johan Arts
Associate, Specialist Acquisition and Business Valuation